Welcome to the Astronomical Instrumentation Advertisement webpage.

This is a free service provided by FRACTAL to put in contact owners and seekers of professional astronomical instrumentation items.

Our goal is to provide a communication channel to get a more sustainable use of instrumentation items that would otherwise be left un-utilised or discarded. All of us will benefit from a better optimisation of these resources.

Only professional centers can obtain access right to publish and manage their advertisements. If this is the case and you want to join this initiative, please contact FRACTAL with your complete data and you will receive the user and password.

The institution offering any items must make its own decision as to whether they are offered for sale, for exchange or as a gift. The agreement will be managed and reached uniquely by the two parties.

Disclaimer: FRACTAL declines any responsibility for the business relationship established between the two interested parties. We are simply interested in putting the institutions in contact with each other and we have no profit motive.