DOCMA: Documentation Management Tool

  • What does it allow?

    DOCMA, the Documentation Management Tool, allows to store, classify and manage all the documents of an organization as well as to make them available to all authorized users.

  • Who is suited for?

    DOCMA is a web tool and is especially suited for those companies that collaborate in a multi-discipline, complex project in a geographically distributed environment.

  • Capabilities

    The capabilities can be summarized as follows:

    Documentation archive (electronic library):
    classify and arrange documents into projects, control the access to projects and documents according to the permissions granted to users and facilitate the document distribution.

    Document lifecycle management:
    coordinate the documents review, control the approval of the documents, keep all users informed during the documents lifecycle, etc.

    System administration (projects, users and access rights).

    Backups management.

Available Information

DOCMA Tool Description
DOCMA Tool Brochure
DOCMA Paper (SPIE 2008)


A demo user has been created to allow a little bit of playing with the application and to understand the DOCMA capabilities.

This user has permission to see several projects and documents but has no permissions to modify the example projects or documents, only to download the approved document versions.

In the DOCMA-demo tool, the users can not change their properties and the notifications are only send internally (not by e-mail).

The DOCMA User Manual, which can be opened inside the application (on top of the tabs and below the login label) or just clicking in the following link User Manual, will provide a detailed description of the the application functionality.

For any further question, don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Click on the link bellow and test DOCMA:


  • Or watch DOCMA demonstration video (please, activate the subtitles by clicking on Captions button on the screen bottom):